This blog is Part 2 of the Plano Interior Designer Report on 2014 Home Furnishings Market

CASEGOODS–What we saw

There were lots of snazzy new casegoods.  Mid-century modern is still around, as is neotraditional and contemporary design elements.  There were also plenty of European traditional pieces (such as English country style)  and Hollywood Glam styles. Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorn the glam-inspired looks that combine mixed media and colorful accent finishes.

Glam influences could be seen on mirrored accents on bed posts, dining table legs, and the door fronts of case pieces.  Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorned the casegoods and have plenty of Bling..


This glamorous bed is inspired by the Hollywood legend, Humphry Bogart.  Notice the beautiful tray on the bed.


These beautifully finished chests and consoles have glamorous hardware and dazzling details.


This curved bench has comfort as well as glamour.

There were also plenty of darker finishes, partticularly in Italian made and other European traditional-inspired collections.  Many finishes had distressing and lower sheens, which complement the more relaxed and casual lifestyles of young and older consumers alike.  


UPHOLSTERY-What we sat on

New upholstery introductions looked cozy. They included many design features that evoke nostalgia, visual warmth, and soothing aesthetics.  They had calming and classic color combinations that include tangerine, raspberry and deep,rich blues accented with gold finishes.  The plush frames encourage family time..


Doesn’t this glamourous large sofa look comfortable?  A perfect addition for a master bedroom.


Colorful artwork, pillows and sofa make this living room hard to ignore.


This neutral living room has lots of comfortable seating and soft down-filled pillows.

ACCENT PIECES- what we enjoyed looking at

Accent pieces are made to show your personal personality and decorating style.  They are made to speak to who you are or who you want to be.  There were various lighter shades of bllue and other colors and also many “geometric shapes” that reminded me of Aztec culture.

Some unique chests featured hand-painted old license plate motifs.  I also saw some interesting drawer pulls on many pieces. There were many accent pieces that had bright colors which fuels the “creative spirit”  and refreshes the traditional styles.  


Notice the geometric painting on this bombe chest.  


The geometric shapes on this cabinet door give it an unique look.


 This bright blue writing desk was a real show stopper.


An interior designer will take pictures of new products for his clients  so that they may be exposed to new and exciting furnishings that may work for them.  It takes years of going to market to truly understand where to go at the Market.  It is definitely sensory overload and Foran tries to help other Interior Designers who don’t know where to go.



While we were at the Market this year, we met the famous designer, Dakota Jackson.  He designed sofas and chairs and tables that debuted last spring at the Market.  He was very friendly and personable and open to answer any questions about his new designs.


We were also able to meet Mary MacDonald another famous designer who made great design chairs for the Chaddock line of furniture. 



We also attended Design Education seminars while at Market.    I

One of the educational seminar was presented by the Design Divas who had some interesting ideas.

 Here are some things we learned.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”  -quote by Hiten Shal

“If you don’t know how to do it–call someone else”

Roger Thomas who is an architect for large hotels in Las Vegas, sketches every day.  

Know your furniture and its History

“Listening is a positive act:  You have to put yourself out to do it”. said by David Hockney, an English artist famed for his contribution to the Pop Art era.


The next seminar we were able to attend was on “Untangling the Web:How Blogs and Social Media are Transforming Design”. It was a panel discussion and was very informational.



As far as excitement goes, we celebrated one of the rug company’s 10th anniversary in “red carpet” style.  They had an Oscar-style photo wall, a grand cake display and festive decor.  To top it off, a live band and dancing gave us a chance to eat, drink and reminise with other market goers and customer reps.


There is a new sculpture in High Point.  It is made of white granite and is called “Sail”.  It represents the journey of life like the wind, blowing its own direction.  It is quite striking.

Plano Interior Designer Reports on 2014 Home Furnishings Market Part 1