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An interior designer can help you with your outdoor living spaces.

Interior Designer Plano TX

An Interior Designer can help with your outdoor living space.

Here are some things your interior designer can help you within your outdoor living spaces:

1. fashionable outdoor fabrics

2. performance cushions

3. good construction

4. all-weather materials

5. space planning

6. good quality in fabrics, cushions, and furnishings

7. extras like fire pits, waterfalls, and outdoor games (darts, etc)

Most interior designers can also show you accessories and wall decor that are great for the outdoors.

You may need a large basket or bin to hold towels. A lot of our clients want a fire pit to sit around and cook s’mores. You may wish for creative furnishings and bold colors. In addition, you may want to accent the pool, the fireplace, or the foliage and flowers.

Here are three outdoor accessories that are becoming more popular. They are bar carts, trays, and fire tables.

Bar Carts are a versatile item used outdoors and then wheeled indoors throughout the year. It can be used to display bar accessories such as a tray filled with glasses, a wine opener, a bottle cap opener, and cocktail napkins.  Some colorful hand towels can be folded over one end of the bar cart.  

Outdoor Living Bar Cart

Outdoor Living Bar Cart

Trays have been around for a long time and are practical and popular.

Using your tray as a foundation, you can place a colorful plant, a candle, and a small accessory on top, adding a high design style.  You can also use trays inside and outside, which means it will be doing double duty.  Trays can also add a fun pop of color.  

Fire tables have become very popular at many restaurants.

However, most private homes do not have room for a large fire table. A new and exciting trend is “fireplaces,” with a much smaller footprint.  They can be used on dining tables, end tables, or as portable lanterns and torches for indoor/outdoor use.

These fireplaces create a beautiful warm glow and are portable, flexible, and eco-friendly. They help create warm, inviting outdoor living areas and extend the season in cooler weather climates.

Candles, trays, rugs, accent tables, and fire pit accessories are great for adding to your outdoor living space. Sometimes the small things add a lot to make your outdoor paradise complete.

In other words,  whatever your style, your professional interior designer can help make it right for you. Your perfect paradise will not be the same as your neighbors. Your colors will not be the same, and bright hues may be on your pillows, throws, towels, and beautiful flowers and foliage.

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