What’s popular in interior design trends for 2016?  If you want to learn more about the newest trend that is becoming popular in the United States, it is minimalist Nordic design. This trend is gaining popularity as many Americans seek to balance their work life with their home life and create spaces where they can unwind, unplug and relax.


According to a recent Sherwin Williams Home Design and Color survey, neutral tones like those popular in Nordic design, make a room feel more tranquil.

Here are some ideas to help you get rid of clutter and embrace the minimalist beauty of Nordic design in 2016.

1.  Use geometrics and details such as complex angles, shapes and patterns in vibrant colors. If you want to provide a focal point in your space, use multilevel open shelving units or a boxy picture frame.  

2.  Use natural earthy materials and natural tones in your home.  Natural materials such as granite or Carrera marble will bring an element of sophistication to your counters.  Birch or maple wood cabinets and furniture will create a refreshing and lighter look. White paint or other neutrals look good as part of Nordic design.

3.  Create the effects of daylight in your home decor by letting window light shine in through a shade or sheer curtain. If you hang a magnificent large mirror on the wall it will reflect your interior lighting and make your room look more spacious.

If you use copper, brass or silver in your lighting and accessories you will get added excitement from the shiny metallic elements in the room.  

4.  You may want to change your wall color to a different shade.  Alabaster (Sherwin Williams 7008) is a paint color inspired by natural, fine-textured stone. It is the Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2016 and is a natural white.  It is especially suited for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens

5. There’s always room for a pop of color even in a home which has a simple decor.  Small details can add a lot, such as a pretty pillow or unique sculptures.  The Nordic decor trend is not popular with everyone but is interesting to learn more about. There arre many new interior design trends, click here to find your interior design style.