Professional Interior Design Help – Do you need it?

If so, what kind of design help do you need?  Do you have a full-scale design project?  If so, you need a professional who can find out your design vision and knows how to do space planning.

Remodel your kitchen

This is a 3D rendering of a kitchen for one of my clients.


They should also be able to order furniture, design window treatments, order shades or wood blinds, if needed, and have many quality companies from which to choose.  They should be able to order accessories, artwork, and lighting as well as have experience in helping with other selections for the home. These selections may include cabinets, countertops, wallcovering, paint, and flooring.

A professional interior designer’s most important job is listening to you, the client, to find out what your dream is for your home.  This way the designer can help you much better.  Your vision of your dream home is their vision, too.

It is also important that the designer can show you his or her portfolio of photos of work he has done previously.  Referrals are also important.  Ask the designer for previous client emails or phone numbers.

Interior Design Consultation Dallas

I design the master bath using computer-aided design to show the client would be able to visualize her space. The original bath was very small. I took down a wall and redesigned the space. The client is very happy.

There are many homes in Plano, Texas, that may need an update or redo in their home.  This is because many homes have been built for 20 or 25 years. Sometimes a new paint job or new wallpaper may help but often more than that is needed.  Sometimes taking out a wall and opening up the space might be the answer.  A good interior designer can help you decide what is the right thing to do to update your home and make it look new.

A good professional interior designer can help save you money by helping you stay on budget.  Here are some reasons to use a professional:

1). you want to showcase your home to look its very best

2) you don’t know where to find good quality furnishings

3) you have no time to shop due to your busy schedule and

4) You want to keep on budget.

In conclusion, these are some good reasons to get professional interior design help for your Plano / Dallas TX home.  Remember:  a good designer can help save you time and money.

Lastly, deciding on the Best Interior Designer in  Plano TX  requires some research.  Make sure you ask lots of questions and have some designers come to your home to see how they can help you.

I like to develop creative solutions for my clients to help improve improveimprove their lives. If you have a room in your house that is not being used, let’s talk and find a way to make it one of your favorite rooms.

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