Quality furniture stands out in the Dallas marketplace, that is, if you can find it. Some of the most prominent high-end case goods resources sell quality furniture that stands out because of great construction, beautiful materials and awesome finishes.  A professional interior designer knows what manufactures have high quality high end good quality furniture and they can show it to you.


The high income customer wants a high-end top quality product.  Finding high quality home furnishings can be confusing. The DFW area is very large and complicated place to shop. There many options for luxury furniture. Custom options, particularly finish choices, are features that the high-income client requires.  The client needs to be confident that their designer and the manufacturer will get them 100% right.


Most high end companies that professional interior designers present to their clients represent a mindset of design empowerment through selections, customization and differentiation.  The designer is focused on enabling creativity through artisanal, local craftmanship and close personal attention to details.


When Dallas interior designers look for good quality furniture lines for their clients, they look for products that are current, have style, are well-made and offer a great value.

The quality manufactures source out and use the best materials available within the limits of the project specification.  Classic techniques such as eight-way hand tying are still the best and they are constantly looking for stronger, more durable methods of construction.  

Interior designers are given no limitations when choosing decorative elements, such as trims, beads and nailhead trim.  The luxury client wants their designer to explore the exotic in textiles, veneers, and finishes and to pair them with time honored engineering and craftmanship.


In summary, quality counts when you are buying quality furniture in the Dallas area.  You want good construction, beautiful finishes and wonderful materials in your quality furniture. A professional Dallas area interior designer can help you find the good quality furniture that you will love.








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