Many people have bought homes in Plano Texas and will be decorating their homes.

Why have so many people moved to Plano, Texas?

Here are some of the many accolades and accreditations of Plano, Texas:

Plano was named one of the 10 Healthiest Cities in America by TIME magazine.  Plano was the focus of a chapter called “Best Place for Staying Safe”.

Plano was ranked 12th amongst the best cities for pet lovers.

Plano was recognized as a 2014 Gold Star Affiliate by Keep Texas Beautiful.  This is the highest status any community affiliate can achieve.

Plano was named 2014’s best city for first-time home buyers in a recent study on

Plano ranked second of the largest 100 cities by Business Insider in the “Top 25 Cities for Working Parents”

Plano ranked #4 as best city for newlyweds by

D Magazine ranks Plano in the top 20 for the Best Suburbs in North Texas.

WalletHub named Plano the 2014 Best City for Families.

Plano ranked #5 in Top Best Cities for Kids, 2014 by

Plano was #3 for Best Run City.  USA Today from 24/7 Wall Street.

These are some of the reasons that Plano is one of the places that many people want to move to and live in.  With so many people moving into new homes, there are a lot of decorating and interior remodeling decisions to make.

My  blog “Michael’s Interior Design Blog” wil have answers to decorating and remodeling questions. Just click on the link and go straight to the blog. Some of the questions below have links to blog articles.

Some of the questions you may ask before you decorate or remodel are:

1.  How do I decorate my tall foyer?

2.  What style do I want?  Traditional? Modern? Country French? Old World? Contemporary?

3.  How do I make a floor plan for my home?

4.  Do I need a lighting plan and if so, how do I make a lighting plan?

5.  What is the best way to purchase furniture?

6.  What is new in window treatments?

7.  How do I find the best interior designer for my decorating project?

8.  Should I remodel before buying my furniture? What colors should I paint my new home?

9.  What furniture pieces should I keep and will they fit in my new home?

10. Where do I find decorating ideas?

The photo above shows a Master bath total remodel. The flooring, cabinets, lighting, mirrors, hardware, countertop and bench as well as the beautiful tiled shower were all made new to fit the client’s needs and desires.

Before you move your old furniture into your new home, you may want to plan exactly where you will be putting the various pieces.  Some pieces may fit well, while others just won’t look right.

Also, finding your individual design style is very important.  Maybe you have been wanting to change your interior design look.  If so, this is a perfect time to make that change.  Some clients who always had contemporary, now wanted to change to a very traditional style.  Others, who did have traditional, want to change to a new contemporary or modern look.  Change can be fun and give the personality of your home a real lift.

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