How do I redecorate my high end home?  


Well, there are 7 steps to take when planning to redecorate your home into a luxury retreat.  

They are:

1.  You will need a detailed plan of what you are trying to accomplish.  This can be done with the help of a professional interior designer.  Then you will know exactly where each piece of furniture, including the television will go.  

The detailed floor plan will have exact sizes and will be drawn to scale.  The designer needs to be very precise because a piece of furniture that is the wrong size can be a costly mistake.

2.  You will need to look at the room three dimensionally.  This is where many people make mistakes.  Homes today come with ceiling heights from 8 feet to 20 feet and above.  Furniture also comes in many sizes and different heights.  This is an area where a professional can help a lot.

3.  You will need to know where to get high end quality furniture.  With high end good quality furniture great attention is paid to the smallest of details, good designs, beautiful finishes, custom options, luxurious comfortable seating in your sofa, loveseats and chairs and handcrafted treasures that are destined to become family heirlooms,

Your professional designer will know where to obtain beautiful quality high end furniture that is not usually seen in furniture stores. They go to Markets and are able to see a wide variety of magnificent furniture.



4. You will need to find fantastic fabrics for your upholstered items, your bedding and your pillows.  High end fabrics are exquisite and well designed.  They are also fashion-forward yet timeless. High end fabrics also have an extensive array of color and style.


5.  You will want drapery treatments that are made just for you.They will be designed just for your home, your windows and your look.  A professional interior designer can turn creative ideas into extraordinary, stylish solutions for your windows.  

Unique details, fabulous fabrics, precise light control, and energy efficiency are all things that must be addressed when decorating your windows.  Your designer can help you with the best style draperies for your windows and the architecture of your home.

6.  You will need high end artwork and accessories to finish the look of your home.  If your designer goes to different furniture and accessory markets, they will be able to find unique handcrafted items that are exciting and will fit your personal style.  Large homes usually require large artwork and there are some great options at different markets.


7.  You will need a talented and professional interior designer who can put it all together.  You will want someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, They should care about you and your personal style.

Your designer should ask you questions so that they can capture your personal style, your comfort level and your budget.  Your home should be a unique creation just for you and never look just like your neighbors.  

I hope this article has helped you know more about how to redecorate your high end home.

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