There are a lot of beautiful homes in Plano, TX, but many of them are 20 years old and may need updating. Redecorating or remodeling your Plano, TX home may be something you are thinking about. There are 4 things you should consider with this type of design project.


 1. A total overall plan of what you want to accomplish with your redecorating project.
This should be an overall feel of the project and should include design style, color scheme, practicality, function and last but not least, budget. This will help you make all the other decisions you have to make.
2. Floor plan and elevations of changes to the home including: wall changes, new cabinets, windows, lighting plan, ceiling design, fireplace design and other architectural design.
3. Selection of materials and finishes (flooring, counter tops, paint, tile, lighting, furniture, window coverings, hardware, plumbing and appliances) should be coordinated with each other. This is an area where mistakes can be made. A professional interior designer can really help with these decisions.
4, If you decide to redecorate or remodel your Plano, TX home you should consider working with a professional interior designer. They can help keep you on the right track and help coordinate with other contractors, They can help you to avoid costly mistakes and save you time.
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