This is Part 2 of “How do I Redecorate my North Dallas Home”

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

As we said in “How to Redecorate your North Dallas Home” there are a lot of homeowners in North Dallas who are wanting to redecorate their homes. The most important part is to have a good plan and a North Dallas interior designer can help with that.

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

We changed this little-used dining room into a conversation room

There are a lot of beautiful homes in North Dallas (Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Fairview, and northern Dallas) Some of them are 20-25 years old and need redecorating.

Where should you start with your decorating project?

Should you start with new flooring, paint, a sofa, rug, painting, carpet, or a new kitchen or wall color? The place to start is with a plan. You need to plan what decorating direction you want for your home. Think about what style you want and what color you would like to use. You must have a floor plan and know what your budget is for your project.  A professional interior designer should be able to give you an idea of what the cost of your project will be after they interview you and find out the scope of your decorating project.

1. When selecting your color scheme, start with patterns, because there will only be so many patterns you like. 

It is easier to coordinate a solid to go with a pattern than the other way around.  If you want a patterned rug you should start there. You may have artwork that you want to use, start there. If you fell in love with a patterned fabric, start there. Always start with the patterned item and you will then find it easier to find textures and solids to go with them.

2. You should always consider comfort

What does comfort mean to you?  Do you want to sit with your feet on the floor or do you want to curl up on a large chair? Do you want luxurious down cushions or firm foam cushions? Comfort means different things to different people.  What does comfort mean to you? Better quality furniture will be more comfortable because of better quality materials.

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

Comfortable transitional recliner

Comfortable down leather recliner from one of our best manufacturers.

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3. How to select paint colors.

Ask yourself these questions:

How will you use each room?

A master bathroom is better in a lighter color because darker colors will absorb light and make it hard to see to put on make-up.

Color will affect the way you feel.

You may not feel comfortable in a large all-white room. It may feel too stark.  If you live in a warm climate, then you might consider a cooler color on the walls like soft gray or blue. Soft cooler colors like blue or turquoise can work well in a warmer climate.  In a cooler climate, warm colors can give you a nice feeling.

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

 Soft blue living room

4. Lighting

You need to make a furniture floor plan before you do your lighting, so you know where to add lighting.

There are a lot of different types of lighting: general, task, accent, and cove lighting. Select your lighting fixtures based on the needs of each room.

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

These vertical sconces give you great lighting for make-up.

5. Window Treatments

Draperies – What will they do for my room and do I need help from an Interior Designer?

The focal point of a room is often the draperies. They can add color, softness, and texture to a room as they beautifully frame a window.  High ceilings, lots of drywall, and hard surface floors are in many of the newer homes of today,  Beautiful rugs and draperies give you the ability to greatly improve your acoustics.   Artistic detail and drama can be shown in your rugs and custom draperies if they are done correctly.

Beautiful silk draperies.

6. Accessories – How to finish the look.

One of the most artistic areas of interior design is amazing accessories and dynamite draperies.  A professional interior designer can help you in this area which is all about details and design knowledge.

Start by standing back and looking at your room. Look to see what spots need to be completed or softened.  Some areas may be focal points and need a great piece of art.  Other areas just may need to be filled or softened.

Redecorate Your North Dallas Home 2

This 3D rendering that I did for a design project shows how this artwork sets the mood for this wine lounge.

Your room should be looked at like it is a giant painting that needs to be finished. Look at your room as a whole, not as separate areas.

In summary, 6 areas need to be covered when redecorating your home.  They are:

1.  Select your color scheme and start with patterns for the room
2.  Consider your comfort
3.  Select your paint colors 
4. Have a lighting plan
5. Get help from an interior designer for window treatments –add color, texture, and softness and help with the acoustics
6. Finish the look with awesome accessories and artwork.  They finish the look and make the redecorating complete.

I can improve their lives by coming up with creative solutions. If you have a room in your house that is not being used, let’s talk and find a way to make it one of your favorite rooms.

In conclusion, planning is very important when redecorating your North Dallas home.

Find the best interior designer for your project.

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