Turn your master bathroom into a luxury resort style spa

Instead of going to a resort / spa, why not give your home the amenities of a luxury resort. In a previous blog I talk about How to add a Resort Style Spa to Your Home”. In this blog I will talk about how to change your master bathroom into a luxury resort style spa.

Luxury Resort Style Master Bathroom

In the CAD (computer aided design) photo above you can see a design that was created to give the feel of a luxury resort. This design has Rhythm and Harmony which are two of the basic principles of interior design. The repeating arches gives you rhythm in the room by creating visual interest. Harmony is created by using tone on tone color of the wall and floor. Harmony will make you feel relaxed.

The floor plan below shows some of the amenities of this luxury master bathroom. This design includes a free standing air tub, a sauna, a steam shower, a relaxing hallway with seating, his and her closets with custom cabinets and matching vanities.

Luxury Resort Style Master Bathroom floor plan

Below you can see an aerial view of the space.

Luxury Resort Style Master Bathroom CAD

In the below photo you can see the vertical sconces on either side of the arched mirror. This type of lighting is great for putting on makeup because it puts the light evenly on your face. The typical overhead lighting will create shadows on your face.

Air tubs like the one  pictured below are great for relieving tension and stimulating blood circulation. The air tub sends air through many small holes rather then circulating the water. This results in less chance of mold.

A steam shower like ones found in fancy spas can be installed in your shower stall. You do have to make sure you use the right material and sealer.

Custom closets can be designed to accommodate your needs.

A luxury master bathroom design can be done for new construction or remodeling. The most important thing is a plan. This is something that needs to be figured out before any construction starts. If you are building your home from scratch it is a little easier, but it can still be done on an existing home. If you don’t think you have enough space, we might be able to use a adjoining bedroom that is not being used. I believe there is always a way to come up with creative solutions for my clients.

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