Best High-End Sofas in Dallas

What to look for when looking for the best high-end sofas in Dallas?

This is an example of high-end leather furniture.

There are a lot of choices in the Dallas area, but it is still hard to find high-end sofas.

They should have enduring style, and luxurious comfort and be made to last for years. Some people say they don’t want to keep a sofa very long. They say they like to change. I say, that if you had a quality, well-designed sofa that has amazing comfort you will not want to change it. You might eventually want to recover it. A high-end sofa will have better construction, better fabrics, and better styling. On the other hand, most of the inexpensive sofas will last long enough to go out of style.

Comfort is the number one thing my Dallas clients want in a high-end sofa. They always want to make sure their sofa will be comfortable for them.

Comfort is not the same for everyone. We ask our clients how they will use the sofa and how they like to sit on it. We ask them if they want to sit with their feet on the floor or do they like to curl up. Sofas come in different depths and different types of cushions. A deep sofa with spring and down seating and a 25″ inside depth will give you a luxurious cozy feel that is very relaxing. Just add some down throw pillows and you can adjust the comfort for your needs. You can use down pillows to adjust your comfort and the depth of the sofa. In a more formal room, you might want to go with a 22” depth and firmer cushions.

The best high-end sofas are still made with hardwood frames and double-dowelled blocks that are screwed and glued. A high-quality sofa is an investment and will be enjoyed for years to come. The best sofas still have 8-way hand-tied spring units. This painstaking construction involves tying each coil at least 8 times with a heavy cord and then anchoring it to the frame. The benefit of this is long-lasting construction and comfort.

Unlike instant everything that we have today, high-end sofas are made by artisans and can take up to 80 hours to construct. The best high-end sofas are built one at a time with integrity and attention to detail by the skilled hands of an experienced craftsman.

These artisans make sure each piece is padded to make it comfortable and durable. Better sofas will also have better styling and come in beautiful long-lasting fabrics.

Most high-end sofas are still made in the USA. They can be hard to find, but a Dallas-experienced professional interior designer is a great resource for better-quality sofas.

The Best High-End Sofas in Dallas

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