Find out how to turn your master bathroom into a luxury high end spa


How many people enjoy going to a spa?  Most people do enjoy it.   You get a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Why not turn your Master Bathroom into your own personal spa?


  Notice the gorgeous chandelier, the amazing oriental rug and the divine ottoman.  The ornate drapery treatment, the beautiful bronze statues and the classy columns add to the ambience of the room. 

Here are some ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa. Your main goal may be to hire a professional interior designer who is creative and knows what your dream bath/spa is.


1.  You may  want to use a calm neutral or white  monochromatic theme in your bath area.

2.  You may want to keep an uncluttered look and keep it simple.

3.  You may want to include a large walk-in shower with a vertical whirlpool.  What is a vertical whirlpool?  It is a shower that has body jets and multiple shower heads.

4.  You may want to include a heated floor, heated towel bars and a sauna.  You can find heated towel bars that stand alone for much less than a built-in.   

5.  If you have the room, you may also want to add a hot tub directlyoff from your bath area.

6.  You may want to use scented soaps or scented candles to 

give a pleasing smell and wonderful aroma to the room.

7.  You may want to use a white noise machine that will have the sound of a gentle rain, ocean waves or a waterfall to help you zone out and relax.

8.  Or you could just have relaxing music playing in the background.

9.  You may want to add furniture to your spa- bathroom.  If you have room for a unique chair and pretty floor lamp, it will give the whole room a nice touch and make it a more relaxing atmosphere.  


Bookshelves and comfortable seating such as a  padded bench will give your Master Bath a more spa-like feeling.  When you finish your bath or shower, you can wrap yourself in a comfortable robe, cozy up with a throw and maybe even have a nice foot soak while you are reading or listening to music


The wonderful window bench above makes a great place to stretch out and relax.

If you want to have the bathroom of your dreams, find an interior designer to help you.  They can lay out a floor plan, help pick out the paint colors, the tile, the flooring, the lighting and even the cabinets. They can also see if there is room to use a nice piece of furniture and design the window treatment, if needed..  






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