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The seldom-used dining room turned into a “Wine Bar Lounge.”

Many people have dining rooms they only use a couple of times a year, so why not make that room the most fun room in the house (a Wine Bar Lounge)? Four to six chairs in a circular conversation grouping, a wine bar, and fun artwork.  In conclusion, this is a great way to entertain friends.

Wine Bar lounge

This is a 3D rendering to show how to change a small dining room into a conversation/wine lounge.

The picture above is a 3D rendering we put together for one of our clients. Most importantly, they wanted it to be a fun entertainment party room and a room they could use to relax and read a book.

CAD or 3D Rendering makes it easy to visualize the room – Interior Designer Dallas TX

This presentation gives the client a good idea of what the finished interior design project will look like when done.

The room needed to be about entertainment and fun. We used a mirrored wall to double the size of the room. Four lounge chairs were used in a grouping to encourage conversation. Extra pull-up ottomans were utilized for additional seating.

The drawing shows four lounge chairs, wine tables, a coffee table, a rug, a bar cabinet, and pull-up ottomans.

This lounge is a CAD photo of a dining room turned into a wine/reading lounge. The wall you are looking at is a mirrored wall (floor to ceiling) that gives the allusion to doubling the space.


The room below is another client with a dining room they did not use. I suggested turning it into a conversation grouping/wine lounge. As a result, the room became their favorite room.

Conversation room

Conversation room

They needed a place for their family photos, and I suggested using two large wall units to display family photos. After that, we also added the horse painting to add some drama.

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