Seldom used dining room turned into a “Wine Bar Lounge”

A lot of people have dining rooms they only used a couple of times a year. Why not make that room the most fun room in the house (a Wine Bar Lounge)?. Four to six chairs in a circular conversation grouping, a wine bar and fun artwork. It is a great way to entertain with friends.

The picture above is a CAD/PP presentation we put together for one of our clients. They wanted it to be a fun entertainment-party room as well as a room they could use to relax and read a book 

This type of presentation gives the client a good idea of what the finished interior design project will look like when done. This way we are able to use the exact pieces rather than generic CAD items.

The room needed to be about entertainment and fun. The only piece that they wanted to use in the room was an Art Deco piano. We used color and glamorous artwork to give the room a party feel. Four lounge chairs were used in a round grouping to encourage conversation. Extra pull-up ottomans were used for additional seating. The styling of the furniture was used to compliment the Art Deco piano.

In the drawing you can see the four lounge chairs, wine tables, coffee table, rug, bar cabinet, pull-up ottomans, floor lamps and the piano.

This lounge is a CAD photo of a dining room turned into a wine / reading lounge. The wall you are looking at is a mirrored wall (floor to ceiling) that gives the allusion of doubling the space.

The room below is another client that had a dining room they did not use. I suggested turning it into a conversation grouping. They loved the idea and the room is their favorite room in the house.

Conversational Room Design

They needed a place for their family photos and I suggested using two large wall units and fill them with photo frames. We also added the horse painting to add some drama.

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