Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their 2 story foyer.

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their two-story entryway.  In addition, tall foyers are puzzling because there is a lot of space but not much room for furniture,  These foyers have tall walls of drywall, large front doors, archways, and staircases that extend out into the foyer.  That is a lot of elements to deal with.  The best way to solve the problem is to break it down into the parts of a room.


Most two-story foyers have large expanses of drywall.   Therefore, [t is better to use fewer large pieces rather than a lot of small items.  Too many small pieces will look busy.  Don’t be afraid to go big.  This will give your foyer the WOW factor.

 Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Dallas - Foran Interior Design

The three large hand-painted glass screens add drama to this two-story foyer.

Create a focal point.

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Dallas

As you come in the front door and into this two-story flyer you immediately see an inviting conversation grouping.


There is usually room for a foyer table or a chest.  Use something special.  The foyer is everyone’s first impression of your home and why not make it extraordinary? Choose a chest or table that says something about your style.

The floor of the foyer should also have a beautiful rug. In addition, there might also be a place for a pedestal with a piece of art on it.  Therefore, use pieces that are special but do not use too many. In a large foyer, a pedestal on each side of the doorway also can look great.

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Dallas

In the photo above the highlight of this foyer is the magnificent hand-carved mahogany table with an inlaid top adorned with a fabulous floral.


Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Dallas

This foyer makes a statement with this curvy, glamorous, crackle turquoise chest.

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Dallas

This bronze statue was selected to offer a warm welcoming feeling to guests.



Ceilings are sometimes forgotten in interior design.  The ceiling of the foyer is a great place to add detail. A built-up multi-piece crown molding can add drama to your tall foyer.  Additionally, the large dramatic chandelier can make your room.  Make sure your chandelier is properly sized.



Most importantly, what needs to be done in your foyer is to make selections that complement each other.  This is the hardest part and this is where a professional interior designer can be a great help.  Designers are great sources for artwork, rugs, lighting, and furniture and some are good at architectural detailing.

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