Two-story window treatments can add drama, beauty, and detail to your home

If you have some tall windows in your home, you will need to know what to do when deciding on what treatment to use.  This is one of the most important decisions you will make when decorating your home.  Two-story drapery treatments are usually one of the focal points of your room.  

Two-story window treatments


These soft green silk draperies add elegance to this two-story room without blocking their view of a lake

When designed properly draperies will add a lot to your home. They will complement the architecture and furnishings of your home. Tall treatments can add color, texture, softness, and detail to your room.  This is an area where you do need the help of a professional interior designer.  They can help you avoid costly mistakes.


Custom draperies are expensive and you want to make sure that you will be happy with them.  The best interior designers can design a drapery that will work well with your style and the architecture of your home.  These treatments can be formal or informal.  Much of that depends on the style of the treatment and the type of fabric that is chosen.

Two Story Draperies

Two-story window treatments

This tall treatment follows the curve of the window

Draperies will also improve your acoustics and help eliminate echoes.

There are many details to custom draperies.  They not only need to be well designed but also have good balance and correct scale and be well made. Custom draperies can include an inner lining, black-out lining, trim, custom rods, finials, and multiple fabrics


Here are a few of the things we have learned about 2 story drapery.

1. If you have two sets of windows stacked on top of each other, it always looks better to extend your drapery panels up.   Do not divide the windows in half in the middle.  This chops the window up and does not look good.
2.  Do not skimp on the fabric,  If you have tall windows you need to have plenty of fabric to make the drape look good,
3.  Do not forget about lining the draperies.  This is very important to make all your windows look good from the outside. An inner lining will add a luxurious look to your draperies.
4.  Do not forget about the importance of using trims, tapes, and beads on your drapery to make it very special.

Ideas to make your 2 story window treatments look magnificent!

Use beautiful fabric.  Silks or fabrics that look like silk are always great.  They flow well and make a statement.  You can also use heavier fabrics, such as linens for a more relaxed look.

Use wonderful trims on the side panels or use nailhead trim on the cornice boards.  These can be dazzling beads or crystals or even wider fabric trims that make a statement. You can use narrow or wide tapes to give your 2 story draperies a unique and inviting look.

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Two-Story Drapery Treatments Need Professional Help

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