Is it worth it to update and reupholster my traditional high end furniture?

 This is a question that many clients ask.


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In this room, we reupholstered the chaise and then added a new headboard and bench. photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

There are wonderful craftsmen who can update and reupholster your furniture.  However, it may cost as much or more to update as it would to buy new.  Here are some questions to ask yourself or your interior designer before you decide what to do.

First of all, it is a good idea to note the condition of the chair or sofa that you are planning to reupholster.  Are they in good condition or have they suffered alot of wear and tear and it shows?

The most important thing when reupholstering is to have a good frame.  Springs and cushions often need to be replaced and this will make the piece more comfortable.

Will the wood piece or chair need to be re-stained or painted? This is a good time to make alterations to the frame if you need to.  For example, if a table is too low it could be made higher.

It is a good idea to remember that reupholstering furniture is not always less expensive than buying new pieces.

Quality upholstery fabric is expensive and can take up a large chunk of the budget.

The amount of fabric needed, of course, depends on what you want to reupholster.  Dining chairs are usually cost effective whereas sofas and fully upholstered chairs take much more fabric. Loose back cushions also require more fabric than tight back cushions.

The labor to reupholster is also costly. Tufting and adding trim or nailhead also increase the cost.  If there are pillows, they are usually extra. As we noted before, new cushion inserts and springs also add to the labor cost.

Many clients have a chair, ottoman or sofa that has sentimental value or is a heirloom and means a lot to them.  These pieces are smart to reupholster even if they cost as much as a new piece.

Whether you decide to buy a brand new piece or just reupholster your traditional high end furniture, always remember a lot is happening.  On a simple chair you may need to repaint or stain, install new springs and cushion, buy quality fabric and trim and pay for labor, including pick up and delivery.

Always think before you reupholster your traditional high end furniture.

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