There was definitely a trend toward upholstered headboards at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market

Upholstered headboards are becoming more popular and are moving into the mainstream headboard market.

The setting above shows an eclectic mix with a smooth leather headboard, two unique and interesting nightstands and a vast variety of pretty pillows of various shapes and sizes. This is perfect for someone who loves bright, fun colors.

We saw beds that featured a variety of shapes and sizes as well as hand tufting and nail head trim.  Most of the nicer upholstered headboards are made in the United States.

What are upholstered headboards?  They are padded head boards that are covered with fabric materials such as faux silk made from polyester, brocade, distressed leather, smooth leather or any other fabric that you think would look nice in your bedroom.

The pros of an upholstered headboard are that it is soft, fashionable, and can be reupholstered when you want a change.

The cons of an upholstered headboard are that they may get dusty and need vacuuming.

One of today’s trends in upholstered headboards is to use upholstery tacks or decorative nail head trim.  Tufting on the headboard is also very popular.  Both are seen in the photos below.

The setting on the left features a bright pretty pink background.  The grey upholstered headboard has a unique shape and 2 rows of nail head trim.  The bedding and pillows are a light lilac and white which makes the room look beautiful.

The headboard on the right shows a soft look which includes 2 gold accent pillows.

Upholstered headboards can be used with plenty of pillows or with just the minimum of pillows, depending on what kind of look you want to achieve.

In the photo below, the beautifully tufted headboard has nail head trim that is only used on the top and sides.  However, there is a plethora of pillows of various shapes and sizes. The colors in the pillows blend and accent wonderfully with the fabric on the headboard and bedding.

As you can see from these photos, upholstered beds were very popular at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Show.