What is the best way to pay my professional interior designer?



The best way to pay a professional  may mean different things to different people because every home decorating project is unique.

There are many different ways that interior designers may bill you.  They may have design fees, they may work off from a retainer, they may bill by the hour, or they may sell you product.  Usually, there is more than one way that you may be billed.


At the very first consultation with your designer, fees and budget should be discussed.  Most designers require a retainer before starting any project.  A retainer is simply an amount of money paid by the client to the designer with a signed contractual agreement which is paid in advance of the design services.  It is usually applied to the balance due at the end of the project.  


Why are design fees better than billing by the hour by your designer?

The main reason that many clients do not like to be billed by the hour is that they never know what the total cost of the fees will be.  This makes it difficult for both the designer and the client. Also, it takes more time to find the right fabrics, trims and hardware than the client may realize.  If everything is known first, it makes it much easier for everyone.


Why is it a good idea to buy the furnishings from your interior designer?

When your designer gives you a presentation it includes fabrics, trims, styles of furnishings, and an entire color palette.  This is a custom presentation just for you, and the ordering of the goods may be tricky, tough, and not easy to do.


Therefore, it is best to let a expert do the ordering and purchasing and delivery arrangement, too.  The designer has gone to Furniture Markets and knows what companies are high end and have good quality furniture and good value.


How do the services of a professional help you?

Designers can provide environments that can create memorable experiences.  Good memories are important for your family and friends and a beautiful home can help you create wonderful memories.


They can create a plan that can be implemented over time.  If you don’t have the money to do every room at once, your designer can help you plan and coordinate your home with a plan that you can do room by room.


They can provide you with an environment that promotes peace and comfort.


 They can enhance the value of your home because a professionally decorated home will normally sell for more money. An interior designer can be a good steward of your budget and can help you stay on budget.


A professional can prevent expensive mistakes. For example, they can help you buy the right size furnishings for the room, so that you don’t end up with a sectionalthat is much too big for the room.


They can get you the best contractors and installers. Professional interior designers have a network of people who will do the best job for your money. 


They can create environments that support family connections.


They can create environments that are like a sanctuary or retreat. For example, master bedrooms and bathrooms can be very soothing in their colors and make you feel that you are in a spa instead of your own home.  This is a great way to relax.


They can create an environment that supports social interaction and entertaining.



They can create an environment that will inspire confidence and comfort for their clients.


 They can provide a clean environment.



They can provide safe and functioning aging – in – place environments


These are just a few of the many ways that a professional interior designer can help you have the home of your dreams and save you money. 



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