What is your interior design style? There are many interior decorating styles. Find yours.


This design style is a menswear look with herringbone sofa fabric, Ralph Lauren pillow fabric, and an embossed alligator ottoman.

Thinking about and discussing with others in your home is very important. what interior design styles do you admire? How do you decide what your design style actually is?

1.  Find photos and take pictures of rooms you like.

Then focus on the things that you actually love in the photos.  Focus on the rugs, furniture, fabrics, and accessories.  Don’t pay attention to the architectural features, floors, windows, etc.  It is easy to change color combinations, floor plan layouts, and arrangements, so concentrate on the furniture and accessories as well as the overall feeling in the room.


2.  Sometimes people want to put a name on their interior design style.  There are many ways to do this.  The 3 most important types of interior design styles are:  traditional, contemporary, and transitional.  There are so many additional styles under each of these headings.

For example, Modern, Rustic, Urban Chic, Country French, Old World elegance, and other design style names are also used.  Here are some descriptions of other design styles:

Urban Chic–    contemporary, fresh and sophisticated

Stately Elegance-  style and substance passed down from generation to generation with luxury and refinement.

Simply Seaside–  embraces colors of the seaside with casual and elegant living and makes use of natural textures

Rustic-  brings the outdoor inside by using natural elements, such as natural fibers, natural stones and heavily grained woods.

Old World Elegance–   furniture is ornate instyle and usually the colors have golden hues, wine reds and deep bronzes and browns.

Art Deco-  This streamlined, geometric style was popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s and has regained some of its popularity today,

Asian-  This design style creates a serene calming environment.  It is inspired by design elements from Vietnam, China, Japa and Thailand.  It puts together colors taken from nature with natural fiber elements and bamboo.

English Country– relaxed, rustic, and comfortable.  This style includes ornamental, finely carved wood furniture, overstuffed sofas mixed with antiques and lots of decorative accessories. The patterns and styles may be eccentric.

Country French–  rustic and old world combined.  The furniture has delicate, carved details.  The stone or brick floors are covered up with beautiful rugs.  The fireplaces are prominent in the rooms.

Arts and Crafts–  This form is simple, without much extra decoration.  It often shows how pieces and materials were put together.

Victorian–  furnishings are opulent.  Excess is part of Victorian design and the furniture and accessories are leaborate and ornate.

3.  Discuss the importance of COMFORT in your home.  How important is comfort to you?  If it is very important be sure to tell your interior designer so that they can help you choose comfortable upholstered furniture.

These 11 design styles are just a few of the many design styles to choose from.  What is important is that you know what style you like and what will make you feel comfortable in your home.   Also, think about how you want your home to feel and how much comfort you need.

4. Take time to think about and discuss with others who live in your home what their needs are.  Do they place a priority on comfort or care more about style?  Do they only want practicality or do they want to feel luxurious?  Do you want your furniture to be trendy or traditional?

I hope this blog has helped you figure out what design style is just right for you.  Many people prefer an eclectic style and that means you like several different types of styles put together in just the right way in your home.