What makes up a great piece of high quality furniture is a question that many people ask.  


There are 7 things that will make a great piece of furniture that will last.  


High end home furnishings should equal high quality, superior service and exceptional value

1.  Fabrics have 4 way pattern matching.  Flow matching means that each furniture piece will look great and match top to bottom as well as front to back. If there is a tailored skirt on a furniture piece, the skirt will be cut to match on all 4 sides.


2.  It will have the finest and most comfortable seating.  Spring down seat cushions are the finest in the furniture industry.  Spring down seat cushions are made of a blend of down, feathers and fiber.  If you need hypoallergenic cushions they must also be specified by your designer.

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3,  Quality Furniture has a beautiful finish that is hand sanded and hard-rubbed so that it gives a natural luster and a handsome patina.  

4.  High quality wood furniture will be made of top quality hardwood solids and veneers.  Wood furniture pieces should have custom finish options, proper proportions, attention to detail, custom hardware and the depth of finish.



5.  Watch for joints that are double-doweled and glued and have angled corner blocks at each corner of your wood furniture.  These will provide stability and extra strenghth, which are the most important parts of a sturdy, well constructed frame.  High end chairs are sturdy well-constructed with motise-and-tenon joinery.


6. Superior Interior Design Service

A professional interior designer can help you with your furniture decisions. They will help you find the best quality choices for you and your family. 



7. Exceptional  Value

What makes a furniture piece have exceptional value?  Enduring styling, great design, and high quality materials all give furniture exceptional value.

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