This client had large windows in their home and we used similar colors both inside and outside to go with the colors of the beautiful pool.

What is trending and getting more popular in Interior Design? 86% of US households now have an outdoor living space according to research done by the International Casual Furnishings Association. This space is used for entertaining, for relaxing, for dining, and for having fun with family and friends.

Many people now use their outdoor living area including their backyards and front porches almost every day when the weather is seasonally appropriate.

We all like to be surrounded by nature and fresh air. Many design clients want to have a beautiful extension of their home that they can enjoy. It helps them to shred some stress and feel rejuvenated when they are able to enjoy and relax in their comfortable outdoor living area.


Whether your outdoor living area is small or large, there is outdoor furniture that is just right for you. Sofas, lounge chairs, cabanas, and dining tables are great for a large outdoor area while smaller pieces will fit on patios and balconies that don’t have as large a space.

You may want to focus on decorating your outdoor living space as an important and integral part of your home. That is why you want it to be as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Why your outdoor furniture should be comfortable and beautiful. You deserve to rest and relax. You deserve comfortable seating You deserve to have a comfortable place to lie down outside. You deserve the best!

The photo below is of a different client’s outdoor space.  As you can see, the fabric on the furniture blends nicely with the brick used on the home.

If you want really beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture, call your interior designer. They will have the best outdoor furnishings to make your time outside a pleasant and fabulous experience.

So, whether you are already retired, or working non-stop, you deserve to have a little bit of heaven at your home. Making your outdoor living space beautiful and comfortable is a good idea.


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