If you are looking for luxury furniture, at a good value, for your luxury home, it may be hard to find.

Most stores do not sell luxury items because they would rather sell to the masses.


People who want to furnish their luxury home may ask the question; “Where do I find quality furniture for my luxury home?

Below are some options on how to purchase quality furniture for your home.

 1. Purchasing from a local large furniture store.

Pros – this gives you the ability to see a large selection of product and also have easy access.

Cons – Even though there may be a lot to look at, they may not have the right pieces for your needs (quality, comfort, style and color) and most stores can’t handle the coordination of draperies, rugs, lighting, artwork, etc. This way can be very confusing and can lead to quick decisions and costly mistakes.

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 2. Purchasing Online

Pros – you sometimes can find good prices and you can shop from home.

Cons – it may be difficult to know what you are really getting without professional help to guide you to the right decisions for you and your family. Remember, it is not a good deal if you are not happy. They may not have much true high quality furniture. 

3. Purchasing from a furniture store in North Carolina

Pros – Buying from a large retail furniture store, near the furniture market. They will give you a large selection to choose from and discount pricing similar to online and local large furniture stores.

Cons – Quick decisions usually will lead to costly mistakes.  The cost of the trip to North Carolina must be figured in with the cost of the furniture. High Point is a long way from Dallas. A lot of people think that they are buying from the furniture market just like furniture retailer, but even if a store has the word market as part of their name it doesn’t mean they are wholesale. Unless they make their own furniture, they are furniture retailers just like your local furniture stores. There are two main furniture markets, one in High Point, North Carolina and the other in Las Vegas. These markets are open for furniture retailers and professional interior designers.in the home furnishing business and most are open just for market dates. Some people think you don’t have to pay sales taxes, but now most states make you to pay your local state sales tax.


4.  Purchasing from an experienced professional interior designer

Pros – You can get great prices from a professional interior designer who has year’s experiences purchasing quality furniture and traveling to furniture markets to look for the best values. Most interior designers have a small overhead and therefore can give you discounts.  This allows them to give you a great value. 

Professional interior designers will consider all your needs (style, colors, durability, budget and comfort) and this will give you the best value.

It is not a good deal if you don’t get what you want. I have talked to many home owners who have made costly mistakes and wished they would have contacted an interior designer sooner.

Cons – You probably will not be able to sit in the exact piece of furniture and this may be a problem for some people, but most furniture in stores do not have the right cushions for your needs. Quality sofas and chairs come in many cushion options and can be ordered to give you superior comfort. A professional interior designer will find out what depth sofa is best for your needs and what type of cushion is going to give you comfort that will exceed your expectations.


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