Are you looking around your new house and not exactly sure how to turn it into your dream home?  Or do you have a tired old room that needs updating, but feel overwhelmed by the choices?


Maybe you need to contact a professional interior designer.  Before you do that you may want to think about what you want and what you need.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What activities will take place in the space?
  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • What image do you want to project?

A full service design studio can help homeowners with everything from selecting furniture and accessories to coming up with just the right custom window treatments, lighting accents and architectural details like moldings and trim.


For this client we changed a plain white drywalled room into a dramatic great room.

A designer will help you choose not only the right colors but also the best painting techniques or wallpaper to complement your room.  They will work with you to choose from the many options of flooring,such as hardwood, tile, carpets,and rugs that are available.

Interior design can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices, so many manufactures, so many details to consider!  Mistakes are not only disappointing, but can be expensive as well.  It’s downright heartbreaking to excitedly receive delivery of that new sofa, only to find that it is actually all wrong for the space.

This won’t happen with a professional designer because they will plan out the floorplan so that everything fits and it is easy to walk around in the room.

“We save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes”, says Michael Foran of Foran Interior Design in Plano.  

Foran has been an interior designer for over 30 years.  He is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.  

“We take people’s ideas and make them come true,” says Michael’s wife, Donna, who acts as the firm’s manager.

After an in-home consultation in which Foran views the space, asks questions and listens extensively to the client, Foran returns to his office and puts together a floor plan and a design board.  He then treats the homeowner to a complete presentation of his ideas, including fabrics, samples, accessories and numerous pictures so the client can easily grasp Foran’s vision.

Foran is also an indispensable source for local artisans and crafters such as faux painters. 


Foran is comfortable designing in any style, be it contemporary, traditional, old world, transitional, country French, or modern.  As Donna says, “We love to create beautiful environments that represent our clients’ dreams, and make a house a home.” Call us today and we will help you have the home of your dreams.







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